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Please read the pre/after care + policy terms + FAQs.

You MUST clear the disqualification list before proceeding and have read and understood all information in POLICY and PRE/AFTERCARE. 

**Failing to do so may result in your booking fee being forfeited and service being refused.**


NEW CLIENTS (virgin + correction)

Our signature brow technique. Ombré Powder Brows is a shading technique that’s 100% customizable to be as natural or bold as you'd like. Unlike microblading, powder brows is less invasive to the skin and lasts longer. This technique is suitable for all skin types. Lasts 2-4 years.

If you had previous work microblading/powder brows work done,  please TEXT (650) 762-6209 a few CLEAR photos of your BARE BROWS (straight facing, side facing, eyes open, no filters) prior to booking. The artist must clear you to book. Additional sessions may be necessary to achieve desired results.

CURRENT PRICES (touchups not included)

VIRGIN - $450

✓ no previous work done


 previous work done

✓  needs to be neutralized
✓ brows that have faded to any gray/black, red, pink, green, blue, purple

✓ must be faded at least 70%



NEW CLIENTS (virgin + correction)

Lip Blush creates a soft blush of color to your lips. This technique can enhance the natural shape of your lips and giving an illusion of fullness. The final results are very natural and not like lipstick. This technique can also correct dark lips. We have lots of pigment options that can be customized to find the perfect color for your lips!

Lasts 2-4 years. Lip Blush CANNOT be done on extremely dry, chapped, or wrinkled lips.


CURRENT PRICES (touchups not included)

LIP BLUSH - $450


FullSizeRender 2.jpg


This treatment will prepare and soak your eyebrows in saline solution to try to stop your body from retaining the implanted pigment. We cannot guarantee any results, but this can help lift and lighten up the pigment. This treatment must be done within 48 hours. PLEASE CONTACT IMMEDIATELY TO BOOK. $150.

TOUCH UPS (for existing clients only)

The first touchup is done 6 to 12 weeks after the initial appointment. After that, a touchup is recommended every 2-3 years or longer. If you can push it off longer, it is better for your skin. 

Maximum of 2 touchups allowed within your first year.
Maximum of 1 touchup per year allowed after your first year. (Any additional touchups, please contact first.)
**Too many touchups will have a risk of scarring and color turning blue (due to over saturation.)***

How to determine if it's time for your touchup:

  • If your color has faded by 50%

  • If you can no longer see definition​

Please do NOT book a touchup if:

  • Your brows are still saturated.

  • You want it like "makeup". (This does not fully replace makeup, it cuts down your time!)

  • You loved how it looks fresh and want to come back every 6 months. (NO, this will compromise your skin!)

  • You have small gaps/patches that are starting to show (fill it in with brow makeup!)

  • It's been 1 year but your tattoo still looks fine.

  • You would like to have it done for a special occasion/trip, although your brows still look fine.

  • You've already had more than 2-3 touchups within a year (your skin is compromised!)


6 weeks to 12 weeks - $50 (First touchup)

12 weeks to 1 year - $150

1+ year - $200

2+ years - $250

3+ years - $300

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